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Epic Kayaks Gold Coast is committed to quality construction methods and materials. Epic Kayaks weights are for fully-outfitted kayaks. 

Epic Kayaks uses high-tech lightweight materials to build kayaks which are strong, durable and far lighter than the competition. Epic Kayaks is a cut above the rest when it comes to weight and value.

Kayaks Gpx


  • Club – 17.5 Kg $2,400​
  • Performance – 15 Kg $3,000
  • Ultra – 12 Kg $3,550

The GPX is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water

The Epic GPX appeals to a broad range of kayakers with its perfect blend of stability, light weight, and optimal tracking. Available in two construction types weighing in at 12kg (Ultra) and 15kg (Performance), carrying a GPX to and from the water is a joy.

The GPX is outfitted with two bulkheads, front deck cutaways, a large rear storage hatch, heavy-duty full deck lines and outfitting, and an adjustable backrest designed to fit any paddler for awesome comfort.

Kayaks 14x


  • Performance – 18 Kg $4,125
  • Ultra – 15.4 Kg $5,000

The 14X is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, efficient, and responsive day-touring kayak that is as easy to manage on land as it is in water.

There has simply never been a smarter, better-designed kayak in its class. Paddlers looking for stability and speed will love the 14X, and those seeking adventurous waters will be thrilled by its handling performance!

The hull design builds off the success of the very popular V5 surfski, with the full feature list of our longer touring kayaks like the 18X Sport.

Kayaks 16x


  • Performance – 18.5 Kg $4,125
  • Ultra – 16.5 Kg $5,000

The Epic 16X offers a unique combination of stability, maneuverability, and speed that touring paddlers of all abilities can appreciate.

In addition to all of the great features that come standard on an Epic, the 16X includes the advanced Epic Track Master™ steering system, an adjustable seat, and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke.

Ample storage space, including a convenient day hatch, makes the 16X an excellent choice for day trips and extended overnight excursions on the water.

Kayaks 18x sport

18X Sport

  • Performance – 19.5 Kg $4,125
  • Ultra – 17.5 Kg $5,000

The Epic 18X Sport is designed for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking a distinct edge in a high-performance kayak. Paddlers find the stability and sleek, efficient shape of the 18X Sport to allow them to cover long distances with exceptional ease and speed, and that it performs great in rougher water conditions which makes it a great all round boat.

Other features include the advanced Epic Track Master™ steering system, a day hatch, an adjustable seat, large storage capacity, and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke.

Kayaks 18X Double

18X Double

  • Performance – 29 Kg $5,000
  • Ultra – 26 Kg $6,000

The 18X double has been designed to give intermediate to advanced touring paddlers a distinct edge in high-performance double sea kayaking. With cutaways to improve stroke performance, the 18X Double offers paddlers a sleek, efficient shape with a long waterline, providing exceptional speed.

The 18X Double includes adjustable seats and footboards for both paddlers, a kickup rudder which can also be uphauled when needed, and bow/stern carry handles.

For storage, it features large bow and stern storage hatches with a generous capacity, a large day hatch, as well as two easily accessible small stowage compartments forward of each paddler which can be accessed on the move when needed. The Epic 18X Double is the perfect expedition, long distance, or day touring kayak.

The 18X Double offers the ultimate tandem touring kayak experience with proficient paddlers enjoying taking the 18X Double to its limit or just having fun introducing beginners or friends to the world of paddling.

Kayaks Legacy K1

Legacy K1

  • Performance – 11.5 Kg $3,295
  • Elite – 10.5 Kg $4,595

The Legacy K1 M is the perfect boat for lighter paddlers weighing between 58 and 76 kg.

The Epic Legacy L is optimal for paddlers from 67 to 85 kg.

The Legacy XL is fastest for paddlers from 76 to 94 kg.

The Legacy XXL is a revolutionary design for heavier paddlers weighing from 85 to 104 kg. Larger paddlers will appreciate the optimized volume distribution and larger cockpit.

Legacy K2

  • K2 Performance – 11.5 Kg $4,750
  • K2 Elite – 10.5 Kg $6,995

The K-2 Legacy M is optimized for a crew weight of 115 to 145 kg or an average paddler size of 62 to 73 kg.

The K-2 Legacy ML is most efficient for crew weights of 135 to 165 kg or an average paddler size of 67 to 78 kg.

The K-2 Legacy XL is the fastest boat available for larger K-2 crews weighing from 160 to 190 kg or an average paddler size of 80 to 95 kg.

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